June 9th 2013

♣ hi there and welcome to my art blog,

I was born & raised Aotearoa/New Zealand.
I am a mother of 2 awesome girls who keep me real in every way….

Rediscovered my passion for creating beautiful shapes and colours after I had kids which opened up a whole new side to me, (which I didn’t think possible for this multi aspected gemini! lol!), so I decided to experiment with painting, a media I hadn’t explored in depth (I did art all through school winning many awards but gave it up for a career in hairdressing). I discovered that I cant plan or think when I create, it just flows and what it will be… will be.
I am heavily influenced by sun, surf, nature, culture & all things vibrant.

My main priority in life?…..being as authentic to myself as i possibly can. I love my mix in life and wouldn’t change a thing. :-)

Ps- all my art is  ©Copyright Reina Cottier Art. All rights reserved-  please, if you want to share it, do so with my name credited alongside it.
 Many thanks for your respect.
 ~ Reina ~

10 thoughts on “About

  1. HI Reina! Happy 2012 to you. Just www browsing on this special morning and stumbled across your beautiful work! And I love the way you describe your process, which is exactly how I feel – I’ve just started experimenting with paint and other medium on canvas and am now even more inspired! I’m off now to look at your website and hopefully be able to order a calendar or 6 (for friends!!) :-)
    Mari x

    • hi there Mari! and thank you so much, a very HAppy New year to you too. :-) So glad i could inspire you in some way, fab! Hey, tell me if my calendar is not what you are wanting, I can custom make a calendar of any 12 pieces/images of my art for you, takes me just a few mins and you just order online at Zazzle. I have done this for quite a few people, either with the word art, or the paintings, or both! :)
      lovely to connect, keep me posted with your art!! :) x

    • Hey Kelly, thankyou for this!!!!!! (Im so busy right now, dont know which way is what…so I will get around to doing all these things once the bulk of my commissions are complete, and the school holidays are out of the way! lol!) MANY thanks indeed. Very much appreciated. :) xx

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